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Blues and Disapproval


6 November 2014 at 21:48:24 MST

It's been a while since I last posted sketches here so I thought it's high time I share some. Introducing a couple of minor format changes - the compilations will be vertical now and they'll have proper titles. If I stick at making comics my gallery is going to be full of numbers as it is and since I lack basic numeracy...

Well anyway. Some new faces. I've been growing annoyed at the amount of characters I have in my head that I haven't drawn yet so I was trying to figure some of them out. It's a slow frustrating process. Robbo was a priority because he's going to appear in Piss Business in a background role but since Piss Business is a short story let's just say that nearly all characters with speaking parts already were introduced on page one and Robbo is non-verbal anyway so he's not losing much by not having a speaking part. But now I can draw his and Troy's shenanigans! :D

And then Christmas being fed up with stuff. Here's a brief summary of stuff he is usually fed up with.

The people in the bus shelter are one of Mikey's classmates and his adoptive mother. I keep meaning to populate the school with more characters (adding more female characters, staff and family members) but so much to do, so little time. I sort of planned to add Ralph to this picture but then I realised that Ray is much more a part of that gang. I'll save more info for later when I can have more drawings less tl;dr.

Then two OC meme requests for MariStars15 - I'm still doing those but it's a slow random process for when I can't think of what to draw at the moment. Ghost Copper as a kid (I can't tell you his name but I can tell you that he never was particularly gutsy - no pun intended!) and Lori with her favourite animal which happens to be sheep in general and Shaun the sheep in particular. I used to marathon Shaun The Sheep years ago when I was doped up on medication so I can confirm that the show is enjoyable for people of any age with any amount of brain damage. Incidentally, Shaun The Sheep Musical is a harrowing experience - I haven't seen it but I double dare you to google photos of costumes. 8I

Aaron is a character that appears very late in the storyline so I can't tell you much but I ended up drawing him one day. Every second Radio Four show has its "lol inbred British aristocracy" moment and I always thought that very few things about inbreeding are funny. :| Incidentally it's one of those stories where I'm genuinely proud of my cops. You know, opposed to stories where they punch suspects and shoot witnesses.

And then a random doodle of Chauncey (I miss drawing him even though he'll return to comics soon and his next arc is looong) and my official reaction image for crappy preschool shows I discover with a little help of my friends.

I've been told that long artist comments are hard to read so I'll stop now! :D

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    Ahah man those are great!
    And the dog on dA made me giggle so much xD

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      Thank you! I try to stick to my inbox and people I watch when it comes to art sites but occasionally you stumble on random galleries and it's like - do those people go online for anything besides wanking? XP

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        You're welcome!
        Ahah yes I know about that xD