Cop Story Sketches 10 by OddOly

Cop Story Sketches 10


3 February 2014 at 15:03:09 MST

Mostly old characters here - or characters I am used to, at any rate.

Ace Trotley being his cheery self. Then Jazz the orderly. It takes effort for me to write medical workers with any amount of warmth but I think I warmed up to Jazz - he has his own weird set of moralities which seems to work in the unusual conditions he has to work in. Patients like him. Troy here likes him though to be fair Troy likes almost anyone.

A new face in the sketchdump is Brad Buckley. His story is still being developed so I can't tell you much about him but I couldn't resist drawing his adorable face.

Then there's Gavin (or Gage?) with a comic book, Peter the RAF flying ace, Buckley again and Wayland. You might remember Wayland...

And last but not the least, Max Morinelli, a psychologist working with cops. He appeared only in one sketch before and I felt like doodling him again since he appears in about 10 pages in the comic. Why? Don't you think Chance would need a psychologist after the latest few pages? Oh you guys, you haven't seen the page I'm working on now...

Cop Story © Oly R.

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    SO MANY ARTS. I love the Peter Goes Flying one. XD

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      Heheh, thanks! Peter lets me get away with historical geekery. I think I'd like to set some story in the past if it wasn't even more research than I already do.