Cop Story Sketches 11 by OddOly

Cop Story Sketches 11


4 February 2014 at 13:35:21 MST

This batch of sketches is a little Chance-centric both because I was sneakily hiding all the sketches where Chance's lack of a hand was obvious until I reached this page and because Chance deserves more love after what happened.

So here's Chance being moody at home, locked out together with Gavin McDonald (awkward!), then for once forgetting his troubles and being a happy person he used to be (a kind of a rare moment). And then what he felt during the first nights at the hospital, that weird feeling when you're in pain and slip into dreams and the dreams are just a disjointed mix of the passed day.

Then Gavin, Llane and Chance - the first page of my current sketchbook and a couple of drawings of Chance from my previous sketchbooks. You can see that he was supposed to have a tie on pages 1-7 but then I ditched it because it didn't really fit with his working vest (by the way, he's a detective inspector, so he's not required to wear uniform, he just likes his old vest).

Cop Story © Oly R.

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