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I like pink stuff, sparkles, cute food, cute ladies, and most things octopus related
If that sounds like your kinda thing too, you'll probably quite like my work!

She/Her 🐙 Birom/Demiace 🐙 22

Commissions are open! PM me if you're interested or have any questions!
I'm also happy to consider requests/suggestions, mostly for fanart or drawings of my own characters, but I can't make any garuntees about fulfilling those, particularly if I'm not already familiar with the subject matter.



Flat Colour
£ 15.00
Fully Shaded
£ 30.00
add  Additional Character (Flat Colour)
£ 11.00
add  Additional Character (Fully Shaded)
£ 22.00


Flat colour
£ 12.00
Fully Shaded
£ 25.00
add  Additional Character (Flat Colour)
£ 9.00
add  Additional Character (Fully Shaded)
£ 18.00

Headshot (price per character)

Flat Colour
£ 10.00
Fully Shaded
£ 20.00

I take both SFW and NSFW commissions, take a look at my gallery for more examples of my work

Get in touch by sending me a PM on here, twitter, or an off-anon ask on tumblr.

I may require a cost increase for particularly complex character designs, amount will vary depending on specifics. Paypal invoices only, I do not start work until I have received payment.

Prices are listed in GBP but I’m happy to work with any currency accepted by paypal, though I'll need to convert the price for you. No refunds.

I'll send you a preview of the sketch to approve once the sketch is complete, any requests for changes after the sketch has been approved may incur a fee depending on complexity and how far along with completing the drawing I am.

Price includes a simple background if you’d like one, as shown in some examples, but you will also receive a transparent version of the image. Credit me clearly if you post the image somewhere, don’t edit out my signature from the image. Non-commercial uses only!

I do not draw:
Full environments, gore, realistic firearms, complex machinery, vehicles, spiders, spider related/themed characters, hateful or discriminatory content
NSFW Specific 'Will Not Draw':
scat/watersports, inflation, non/dubcon, characters not owned by the commissioner, ferals, underage characters, characters who though technically adults, are either roleplaying as, dressed as, or otherwise resemble minors

I have the right to decline a commission and/or client if I am uncomfortable with the subject matter or with the client’s behaviour, even if said subject matter is not on my ‘will not draw’ list.

Got any questions? Feel free to get in touch!


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