Bat Adopts Batch 1 by Octoprincess

Bat Adopts Batch 1


30 April 2019 at 14:14:48 MDT

Fruit Bat adopts!

Or, fruit themed bats, to be more specific. I might make some more of these at some stage since they're a fun little character design exercise.

Comment to claim!

1: Strawberry OPEN
2: Cloudberry OPEN
3: Blackberry OPEN
4: Blueberry OPEN

£10 base price for the character themselves, includes a high res, transparent, non-watermarked version of the image of them shown here. Price listed in GBP, but I'm happy to work with any other currency supported by Paypal, which I'll convert for you on the spot.

+£5 for any minor edits to bodytype, colours, haircut, etc that you'd like me to make once you've bought the design

+£10 for basic ref sheet including front and back views, name, species, colour pallet and pronouns in a similar style to the ones I make for myself (check out the characters section of my page to see samples).


Payment upfront and through Paypal invoice only, I will send an invoice first if you win, and then send you the file once I have received your payment. I will need to know your paypal address so that I can send the file to you and send you your invoice, so if I’ve confirmed that you’ve won make sure to get back to me.

You’re welcome to choose and change anything you like about the character once you’ve bought them, name, gender, colours, bodytype, whatever, but please credit me at least once for the original version of the design. You’re welcome to post the original art anywhere you like but must credit me for it.

You may not use the artwork or character design for commercial purposes. You may resell the design, but only for a lower price than you originally purchased it from me for. You can use it for any non-commercial stuff you like though!

Do not use the art as a base. Do not claim to have drawn the original artwork.

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