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Commissions: OPEN ║ Requests: never ║ Trades: ask

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Female ♥ 25 ♥ Married ♥ Intuous Pro/Cintiq ♥ SAI

Thank you to all who watch me, favorite my work and support me~

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Hello my name is Jenessa, but please refer to me as Reika on here, and anywhere else where my username
is Reika, please. I am happily married and have two children. I am a recent graduate from classical animation
and aim to be a storyboard artist for animation studios but apparently it's hard to get that kind of job right out
of school so I will more than likely have to work my way into that position, which I am ok with!

I love freelance art, drawing anime, cartoons, fanart etc! As for anime and such, I love the perverted, cute,
harem, romance, love triangle typed animes for those curious, maybe some yaoi and yuri here and there.
I literally cannot stop drawing, it's just in my blood! haha

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on 18 May 2016 at 21:29:07 MDT

Terms of Service

♥ All art I create is copyrighted, and owned by me. This means that
I reserve the right to post any commissions I draw on other websites,
or sell printed copies. As a commissioner you will be given credit for
any characters or designs that belong to you, but not for the art itself.

♥ Adult artwork will not be sold to minors! In Canada, anyone
under 18 is considered a minor, so you must be 18 or older to order
adult artwork. If you are not of age to order adult artwork, and do so
anyway I am not liable for any legal repercussions that may follow.

♥ While I will always try to finish commissions in a timely manner,
sometimes life gets in the way of doing art. Children, appointments,
and unexpected bills can cause delays in your art. Please do not try
to rush me, as this will negatively affect our business relationship.

♥ In regards to timelines, I do not mind taking commissions that
need to be completed by a certain date. I.E a birthday, or anniversary.
That being said, you need to let me know in advance so I can decide
if your deadline is something I can meet. If you do not inform me, I
cannot guarantee it will be done on time.

♥ Any major edits to an image, must be requested at the
sketching stage. I will always send you a sketch for approval before
colouring an image. After colouring had been started, major edits
become extremely difficult. I reserve the right to add on an additional
charge for any major edits made after colouring is completed.

♥ Refunds will not be given once colouring on an image has
started. As you will always be sent a sketch for approval, once you
approve it, and payment is sent you are then committed to the image.
The only time a refund would be given would be under extreme circumstances.

♥ Once an approval sketch and an invoice have been sent,
you have 30 days to pay for the image. If you do not pay within 30 days,
your commission will be canceled, and you will be added to the ban list.
Once on the ban list, there is no way off of it and you will never be
allowed to commission me again. No exceptions.

♥ I reserve the right to refuse service for any reason.
Any attempt to bribe, coerce, or otherwise force me to draw for you
will result in you being added to the ban list.

♥ Any form of harassment, abuse, or otherwise negative
behavior can and will result in you being added to the ban list.

♥ Any payment sent to me that is not in response to an invoice will be
considered a donation. I will always send an invoice for any commission I draw.
The invoice is for both my protection, and yours. Please take it seriously,
this is a business, not just a hobby.

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Adult Content

- Adult content is any sexual contact between two individuals, or an individual performing sexual acts on themselves
from C$ 5.00
to C$ 25.00


Free to scenic and complex backgrounds
from C$ 0.00
to C$ 50.00


1. Sketch
C$ 5.00
2. Linework
C$ 10.00
3. Flat
C$ 20.00
4. Shaded
C$ 40.00


1. Sketch
C$ 5.00
2. Linework
C$ 10.00
3. Flat
C$ 20.00
4. Shaded
C$ 40.00


1. Sketch
C$ 15.00
2. Linework
C$ 30.00
3. Flat
C$ 60.00
4. Shaded
C$ 120.00

Thigh High

1. Sketch
C$ 10.00
2. Linework
C$ 20.00
3. Flat
C$ 40.00
4. Shaded
C$ 80.00

Extra Character cost is half the price of one character of whatever you commission!


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