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o0Reika0o / 33 / Female

"Creativity is intelligence having fun" -Albert Einstein
Commissions: Open
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Streaming over on TWITCH (read for goodies)

Just a friendly little reminder for those that like my art and want to support me in the easiest way possible, I stream over on twitch now! You can come on over, hangout, chat, make some friends, or just lurk and stay in the shadows! Even the lurkers alone help immensely, this is why streamers have…

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I just want to apologize to all my watchers here for my absence! I find it really hard to keep up to all the sites I can post to, along with keeping up with advertising on social media and telegram. I plan to catch everything up with a mass upload to here over the course of a couple days or so, so…

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Commission Progress

Want to keep track of your commissions and see its progress? I now have a trello for that! YOU CAN NOW KEEP TRACK OF COMMISSIONS HERE

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Commissioning Details

Commissioning Details The following are just guidelines for you to use while commissioning me! Fill out and send me the commission order form located below as an email to (or just send me references and tell me what it is you want, I'm pretty easy going) If I accept your com…

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Terms Of Service

♥ If you order a commission or get artwork from me you abide by my TOS listed below ♥ All art I create is copyrighted, and owned by me. This means that I reserve the right to post any commissions I draw on other websites, or sell printed copies. As a commissioner you will be given credit for any ch…