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Commissioning Details by Jenessa_Reika

Commissioning Details
The following are just guidelines for you to use while commissioning me!

  1. Fill out and send me the commission order form located below
    as an email to
    (or just send me references and tell me what it is you want, I'm pretty easy going)

  2. If I accept your commission, I will not begin working on your
    commission till you either pay me for the sketch, or the whole
    commission in one go. We will discuss the price and I will send
    you an invoice via paypal.

  3. Do not send payments unless responding to my invoice! The invoice
    is easier for me to keep track of money coming in so I can file my taxes!

  4. After finishing the rough sketch, I will send it to you either as an
    attachment via email, or I will post it in my scraps on FA for you to
    look over and approve. Do not be afraid to ask for changes, or
    give suggestions at this point. Because I will not be editing it for
    free in any stages afterwards.

  5. Once the image is completed I will send it to you either as an
    attachment via email, or I will post it in my gallery. Small edits
    such as colour, or shading are still possible, so please do not
    hesitate to ask. I want you to be fully satisfied with your art.

Commission Form
Please fill out all information below, and send to Reika Miyuki via note,
or email to

Name: (Your FA username is fine)
Age: (Adult commissions will not be sold to anyone under 18)
Email: (Required for correspondance, and payment)
Paypal Username: (If different from email.)

Type of art desired:
Chibi x #
Bust x #
Thigh high x #
Fullbody x #
Reference sheet x #

Quality of art desired:
Full Shaded

Background type:

(Feel free to delete unneeded text)

Description of image:
Please describe the image(s) you want in as much detail as possible. The more
descriptive you are, the better I will be able to understand and meet your needs.
I do however enjoy a certain amount of creative freedom. So if you want to just
give me a general idea, and let me take it from there, that's fine too.

e.g I would like a cute/sensual image of my character, and my mate out at a
dance club. We would like to be in the middle of dancing, and have people in
the background watching us.

Character references:
Please provide a link to any references of the character(s) that you want me to draw.
You can also provide pose and/or background references if you like, but
these are not required.

Commissioning Details


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