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Rage and hope by Novoy

Rage and hope


5 July 2014 at 12:41:20 MDT

This is SUPPOSED to be a transparent image, but oh well... Uploading from an iPad does this. *shrug*

Anyway, I needed to draw some Razer, so I drew some Razer.

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    Red Lantern!!!!!!!!!!

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      YES. Razer is my faaaaaav. And Razaya forever. *hands in the air*

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        (Is a big GL comics fan......)

        Yaaaaaaaaay!!!!! hands in the air

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          I've never read the comics, myself, but man... I was so into the animated series, I was able to convince everyone but my Dad to watch it with me. It was the most amazing thing.

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            I was buying the comics for the animated series and liked them...but for some reason the shop forgot to put it in my pull for 5 months (I thought it had been cancelled) it's something I'll have to wait for all the graphic novels for. chuckle

            I've always liked the Green Lantern concept--anyone with a strong will could use a ring. Then Geoff Johns created all the other Rings of Light bearers with Blackest Night and it really made the GL stories better! (Well, he modified Star Sapphire to be part of a light corps.--but newly created the others!)

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              Huh.... That's so strange. O_o

              Hahaha that's what initially appealed to me, but the fact that there are more ring colours and thus more things to fuel them? Heck yeah. Sign me up to be either a red or blue lantern, please.

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                I would probably be a Blue Lantern...because I like to make people happy/give them hope for the future. grin

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                  Hahahaha if I were a red lantern, it would probably be because of how overboard I go when getting emotionally invested in fictitious characters, and all my rage quit moments and demands for justice when bad things happen to them.

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                    Then you could spit acid-blood onto the people you don't like, too! lol

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                      Hahahaha oh my god. If I made constructs of fictional characters? Yes. Otherwise, they'd have to be REALLY bad people for me to spit acid blood.

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    The pose and colours


    I love the line work so much ;;;3;;;; I'm envious of how smooth your lines are!

    Such fantastic work as usual!

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      Hahaha thanks! :D You could totally draw smooth lines like this too, you know. XD IN FACT, I BET YOU ALREADY DO.