Jumping Jackal's Jarring Jab by Notkastar

Jumping Jackal's Jarring Jab


18 December 2019 at 05:15:24 MST

With the help of his trusty gauntlets and feral speed;
His Jab uppercut will cut anything to ribbons before they
can see it coming!

Artist notes:
Dear Heck I love Dragon Quest! (8 to be exact)
The freedom with character builds, the Rad weapons,
Amazing battles and especially the Monsters!
"Hoods" & "Jumping Jackles" being some of my absolute
favorites! ◠‿◠)
You gotta appreciate a monster that not only
understands the awesomeness of underwear but, Briefs!

Doodle notes:
Action, Doods!
Action lines, After Images and Flexing pecs. Tackled each bit
in this doodle with battle readiness in mind from the word go!
Decapre's EX skill from Street Fighter V is the real lifeblood of
this doodle since Jumping Jackle totally strikes me as the type
of dood who'd throw out one of these in a flash, Dood!
╹‿╹) ~★