Fantasy Swiper by Notkastar

Fantasy Swiper


27 December 2019 at 09:48:07 MST

The notorious thief 'Swiper' sets his eyes on the kings crown,
Could he pull it off!

Artist Notes:
What if Swiper was an "Orc's and Elfs" Fantasy world Thief, Dood!
He'd not only need a whole-body rework so he doesn't stick-out
like a chicken nugget in peanut butter but; a new wardrobe to
go along with it too!

Doodle Notes:
Foxes and Adaptations, Dood!
Along with being a pretty second since the last time I doodled the fluffy
doods, Adapting Swiper was incredibly fun! The trick is to exaggerate
just about everything! From the tail to the chest, exaggerate the parts
while staying in frame with your style, dood!