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Zackasaurus From Below by Notkastar

Zackasaurus From Below


Those shorts maaay~ be a bit short for Zackasorous.
The dood should try briefs, Their Comfy and easy to wear.

Artist notes:
Super Glad to be doodling this radical dood, Dood!
This time in a pose out complexing the last! And a
pose that works incredibly well with the doods
shorts; Showing them off in a really neat way
without being too neat! ◠‿╹) ~★

Doodle notes:
The word of the day is Pose.

While Doodling what you know is a great way to
get down your fundamentals. it's always
a good idea to go outta your comfort zone with
poses and try something new to stretch the limits
of what you can do, Dood!