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Hose Horror by Notkastar

Hose Horror


"Are hose's usually...Pierced"
Was the last thought the feline had before
that "Hose" began too-!

Artist notes:
Another unique doodle commission for the Anonymous peep!
This time he wanted to see the Fluffy dood being consumed
by the tube! It had been a hot sec since I've doodle something
like this and to be honest I'm glad I've gotten the chance
to have gotten to stretch my legs like this! ◠‿◠)

Doodle Notes:
Word of the day is Dynamic!

Just about everything in this doodle is active; Clothing,
Character and tube alike! Banking on that energy it infuses
a lively fuel into the doodle, giving an "In motion" feeling
even though it's a still image! ╹‿╹)~★