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Zackasaurus Wave by Notkastar

Zackasaurus Wave


Skateboarding Dino Dood fulled by
pure Retrowave E N E R G Y !
╹‿╹) ~★

Artist notes:
Found the peep outta the blue while looking
up the guest characters coming to indivisible
and absolutely loved this guy! ◠‿◠)

Looked 'em up and Found out there's a real
lack of the guy on "e62-Somewhere neat"
and in general. Ever since I found that out I've
been dying to doodle this dood, Dood!~★

Doodle Notes:
The words of the day are Shading & Shining

A great tip to know that this doodle taught
me was shading & Shining isn't Always going
to be in Black & White, It takes the whole color
wheel, Dood!

Going into the rainbow of color to find that one
tone that not only shades but adds to a doodle
with its color is well worth it to make the doodle
that much better!
◠‿╹) ~★