Fox Briefed But, Dedicated! by Notkastar

Fox Briefed But, Dedicated!


13 October 2019 at 22:39:10 MDT

Huh, Turns out briefs are more
affective than blasters.

Artist notes:
Started as a solo doodle but, The more
I thought about this the more this HAD to be a comic,
Dood! Not just that but, a sequel to this one!
Showing the knock-on effects of Max "Finding"

Doodle Notes:
The word of the day is Tone.
╹‿╹) ~★
This absolutely stellar literary tool adds a really neat
flow to the character's words. Like with Fox, From his
tone being revealed like that isn't that big of a deal
compared to failing at his duty. While Wolf, on the
other hand, is a bit "Distracted" to say the least.