Demogorgon Morning by Notkastar

Demogorgon Morning


11 October 2019 at 00:03:23 MDT

Nothing starts off a Demogorgon's day like a nice
cup of coffee! Gives ya that extra lunge to get those

Artist notes:
Demogorgon being Casual, Because 'Yes'!
After a long day of doing biz, he'd go home, plop down
and watch some "Stranger things." Probably thinking
he could have put a tad bit more enthusiasm in that
roar but still loving the downtime and not having to
be scary.

As for Doodle Notes:
The Word of the day is Version!

When doodling something, It's important to give it
your spin; Your Version! Whether it's a small change
like changing up the legs a bit or a massive spin by
changing just about everything while keeping the
heart of it in tack!
It's your art dood, Don't feel imprisoned by the formula,
Make Your Own!