Banjo's Rare-Wear by Notkastar

Banjo's Rare-Wear


8 October 2019 at 21:58:07 MDT

Nice pair of extra-durable Rare-wear!
Now even more breezy for the peep on the go!

Artist notes:
I gotta say this dood has been on the doodle
list for a very long time! Bodyshape, Design,
clothing- Just about everything holds some
potential with this guy!

As for doodle notes:
The word of the day would be hair!

Banjo's hair is a lot like Dk's, Hairy but smooth!
Really flaring out at the hands, feet, chest, and
face, dood! Decided to shake things up since the
last time and really pulled back on the shine to
add to add color!
Shine is neat and all but the more their is, the
more the color fades.