Bolt Rearing to Bash! by Notkastar

Bolt Rearing to Bash!


2 October 2019 at 21:40:21 MDT

With Super Strength, Super Speed and a voice that can
send cars flying, I feel sorry for the dood who ticked him

Artist notes:
Like a bolt outta the blue, it's about time I get around to
doodling this dood! Surprisingly the trickiest part of this
doodle was finding a great place to put the bolt. It's the
Dood's Signature feature and too high key to put under
the pits. So taking a note from "Attack on Titan" I put it
(Close to) the nape!
◠‿╹) ~★

Doodle Notes:
Word of the day is: "Back!"
While a lean muscular front is always fantastic; it's only
one half of what makes a beefy dood, Beefy! The Other
half would be their back!
Working on them by using some extra shading around
the muscles for more definition. And a few extra lines
near the buns to bring out their roundness, Dood!