Link bares His Fangs! by Notkastar

Link bares His Fangs!


1 October 2019 at 22:22:23 MDT

Sword drawn, Fangs bared, This Dood is ready if you dare!

Artist Notes:
Swords Dood! Along with wanting to tackle an action-packed
doodle, I REALLY wanted to take another stab at swords! While
they can't rival my love of briefs (As you can see, Doods~★) Swords
have a special (non-lethal) place in my heart

As For Doodle Notes:
the words of the day are: Wolf Link!
While I do think the dood is incredibly neat in his own right;
I chose him as today's doodle dood for the Master Sword!
I like the concept of that sword and loved re-designing the style!

While it may not carry the same shape or color Its theme remains
whole! With the Sword being bird-like and it also retaining its crest!

Though with the Razor Sword, Magic Sword and Guilded sword floating
around, I really should call this sword something different.

How about "Night Bane"