The Egg Test by Notkastar

The Egg Test


24 September 2019 at 16:50:56 MDT

The Egg Test:
Put an egg in a peeps mouth and if they're able to
hold it there without breaking it, It shows how gentle
the Dood is!

This is not what Max has in mind and that might not
be an egg. T‿T)~★

Artist notes:
Max and Zatch's Dynamic, One being a chaotic ball of
enthusiasm and another being the grounded aloof floof ball;
That can't help but, to be drawn into this living whirlpool of
curiosity that is this dood!~★

Doodle notes:
Word of the day is: Sub-Text!

Subtext is insanely fun to play around with since there's just
so much that could be said without saying it! It's on caliber
with innuendo, dood, with an extra punch of comedy to it!