Flexing Feline (Briefs Version) by Notkastar

Flexing Feline (Briefs Version)


23 September 2019 at 13:06:30 MDT

Cat's Packing Beef, Floof and Briefs!

Artist note:
A Brief-tacular Alt for a Commission for an
anonymous and very kind Dood, Dood! ◠‿◠) ~★

My love of Briefs still stands as strong as ever and
I Still wanna see what ideas can come from the use.
Both SFW and Notka-SFW ◠‿╹)~★

As for Doodle Notes:
The Bonus word of the day would be: Briefs

There are many ways to draw them, Many different styles Too.
Though there are some key things I've noticed from some VERY
Neat research that the best way to doodle them Boils down to
3 main things! ╹‿╹)

  1. It's signature shape, Making sure that it only covers the
    pelvis and has the appropriate bulges around the butt & biz.

  2. The liner should be visible so that it sets it apart from a speedo.

  3. It shading, It gives it it's depth, Making the difference between a
    picture of briefs and the real deal.

Follow these key tricks and you'll be doodling Briefs in no time! ◠‿◠) ~★