Mao Mao Hero of Briefs! by Notkastar

Mao Mao Hero of Briefs!


3 October 2019 at 20:24:35 MDT

A good adventurer not only saves the peeps but,
Wears briefs!

Artist notes:
Saw this guy floating around both on tv and online
and knew he would make for a great doodle! Gave
the show a watch while doodling and I gotta say
that the show is soooo~ Anime like!
The Flow, The High-Speed action, the reaction~!
Just everything in that show just screams:
"The Peeps behind this were totally into Anime"
It's Awesome, Dood! ◠‿◠)~★

For Doodle Notes:
The Word of the day is Color!

Some times to go darker, you need to go lighter;
Mao Mao is a great example of an idea dood!
Lightening his outline and replacing the shade areas
with white; Allows for a clear "Shading" while
maintaining his jet black coat!