FlutterGuy Surprised! by Notkastar

FlutterGuy Surprised!


29 August 2019 at 22:18:55 MDT

Always make sure those tail hole buttons click so this doesn't
happen to you, doods!

Artist notes:
Another Backless Briefs Custom Doodle I am more than glad to
doodle! This time for the dood: themadman420

Gender Bending, Dood! I've always wanted to do this!
Fluttershy now Flutterguy at last; A superb dood to choose
for the idea! And not just that; The dood wanted him in
Briefs too, m8! Haha~★ Another doodle I can safely say I loved
doodling, Dood!

As For Doodle Notes:
Flutter-guy was a Unique one since my goal with this doodle was
to go ALL THE WAY turning her into a guy. While a twink was tempting
given the personality of Fluttershy, It was too easy Doods; It felt like cheating.
I wouldn't really be embracing the idea of male Fluttershy
unless I went for something a bit more on the nose with outward
looks, Dood!

Getting the o.k from the commissioner I decided to keep
Fluttershy's personality intact with the clothing, and expression
while exploring some more contrasting features with the body to
really make Fluttershy into FlutterGuy!~★

(Also as a little Easter egg I styled the hair like Her/his Brother
Zephyr Breeze! Really should get around to watching this show,
Silverquil makes it sound so neat!)