Exposed but Un-Distracted! by Notkastar

Exposed but Un-Distracted!


28 August 2019 at 00:12:21 MDT

That's Concentration!
Pants fell but, The eyes stay locked; That's dedication dood!

Artist notes
Complex and very fun Backless commission for a Dood.
wanting his peep's briefs exposed during a very intense game!
Gonna be honest I'm super happy getting such a Brief-tacular CD
(Custom Doodle!) Doodle Biz in briefs has to be one of my favorites
things to do and I more than welcome someone who wants a CD
with their peep in one, Dood!

As for Doodle notes:
Tackling all-new poses now including biz that's presenting more
than ever! With his legs spread and buns in the air, Wrapping my head
around this pose was the hardest bit though looking back at my past CD's
like the one I've done for "39Gamer" made for AMAZING reference and
really helped my tackle and even build off of this one! ◠‿◠)~★