Pork 'n Briefs by Notkastar

Pork 'n Briefs


6 September 2019 at 21:46:51 MDT

Form Fitting Shirts are overrated anyway. =‿=)

Artist notes:
Guess who just watched Kill La Kill again~!
And on that note, I will DEFINITELY be doodling this guy again
in a Kamui because "Yes."

Inspirations aside I've been wanting to doodle a pig for a bit
now. There awesome and lovable creatures that turned out
to be once I've been dying to doodle!

Speaking of the neat creatures, This neat dood's name is

As For Doodle notes:
I may keep Hock around since the dood is a Great canvas
to test out pudginess! I am a Huge fan of the muscular
peeps but, You can only grow from trying out something different!
And Hock is an awesome kinda different that has a lot of biz a dood
could learn from.
╹‿╹) ~★
Like Belly rounding, Squish zones and, All that fun biz!