Food Fight by Notkastar

Food Fight


15 June 2019 at 02:04:39 MDT

Sword may look to be made of wax, But it's as sharp as a razor!
And that delicious shield can stop the swing of just about any blade that tries to cut it!
I wonder which would beat which if you used them against each other?

Artist notes:
Guess who's still a huuu~ge fan of swords!
Designing his candle sword was just awesome!
At first, I was gonna go with a more classic 'Litwick'-ish candle to sword but,
D.C's Based on a birthday cake so why not give him a matching sword!

Also was able to work in some 'Very Solid' body training in here too!
Detailing a mid-rift, pec, thigh, and arm linework that would translate
perfectly into my other characters, Dood!