Pride-icorn by Notkastar



23 June 2019 at 23:34:57 MDT

Notkastar Fun Fact:
With the exception of Jack Dragon & Pychi:
Jack being an "Everything"
And Pychi being asexual.
Every character in my roster is canonically Gay.

And as a general rule of thumb, It's safe to assume
that any other characters I make are 'part of the rainbow'
too unless said otherwise, Doods.

Artist Notes
Pride Month Doods, And a doodle I've been meaning to
get around to since June 1st! Not just because I happen
to be ★Gay★ myself (If that fact wasn't SUPER apparent already T ‿T)
but, Sheerly just because I thought Dave would be FANTASTIC
for this kinda doodle!

I mean dood, He's a walking rainbow as is, I would LOVE
another reason to slap more onto him~!★

As For Doodle Notes:
Word of the day is: Definition
Muscle definition is suuuuuuper rad, doods!
And this time I didn't just get a chance to work on the pecks and
biceps but I'm also tackling leg definition! And I gotta say, Finally
adding some in has made a world of difference!

While this isn't the first time I've tackled the beefy leg idea,
This is the first I've been able to add it in a subtle way. Light
line work that tells you that there is beef to peek at there but,
It's not dominating the lower half of his body, ya know?