Birthday-saur by Notkastar



13 June 2019 at 16:51:35 MDT

Everything I'd want in a cake!
Strawberries, Icecream and a MASSIVE-

Edible Tail!

Artist Notes:
Today's ma birthday, Dood!
And thought I'd doodle a doodle for such a day!
Now last year was Max looking more mature with a drink in hand and looking
all kinds of dapper! Though, there's nothing wrong with a birthday cake ya know?

So I thought this time I'd go for something a
bit more light-hearted and true to who I really am!
(Give me cake over a fancy drink anytime)
Though being "True to who I REALLY am" I'd
thought I'd give the cake a bit of an- "Upgrade!"

We're Talking Gloriously Glazed Donut Muscles!
We're Talking a Sweet & Sick Strawberry Ice cream arm and Spikes!
We're Talking a Flashy Frosting for Armor & Sprinkle Fingers!
And some briefs to tie it all together!

He had a candle sword in here but, wanted to focus more on the
body first ya know?

As far as artist notes go:
I Truly Love getting the chance to work on my front body detail like this.
Pecs and Abs have always been pretty tricky for me and they still are but,
with each doodle, I'm getting the hang of doodling guys with Beef more and
more! Muscle lines are getting better, more defined and just better looking
in my style!
Oh yeah his name is D.C
(Dragon/Dino Cake)