Beaches & Clam by Nomax

Beaches & Clam


15 December 2016 at 15:47:23 MST

Commission done for Spotthecat (on FA) , big ol' thank you to him :)

And an even bigger thank you that he wanted to include me in it! So here we got Spots and Nomax enjoying a day at the beach, in Spot's culture it's a common to pick special clams and carve them up to resemble the sun when viewed from one side, and the night sky when viewed from the other with droplets of sunlight coming through showing the glittering of the stars. Here Spots is showing off that effect to Nomax. Also Butt. Mostly Butt, really.

This was both super fun and super challanging to draw. I know i mention it every goddamn time i upload a picture like this but i really like strong sunlight settings like this, and this was no exception. Though this time i had problems figuring out just how to work on the bounced light from the ground. I feel like i could've probably pushed it further to be a good bit stronger, but as i was working on Spot's back it just didn't feel right for some reason, so i decided to rework that at one stage while painting it.
So while i'm generlly very positive about this picture i think the bounced light is one area that i'm not sure about if i got out all that i hoped i could get out of it. But hey,you learn by doing right, and this was the best i was able to figure out right now.

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    Going to echo IggyB's shelfie comment, because that was my first thought from the thumbnail. Enjoying the musculature on these figures.

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      Mhm, it does look pretty similar, but i guess a lot of things will where you have to hold up an item like this :) And as a sidenote, huh, someone readon a comment on one page and then comment on another one while mentioning the first. Had me confused there for a moment!