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Portrait Session by Nomax

Portrait Session


Long time since the last picture of her (and really don't expect that to change.)

She also finally has a name and more of a story! Rajeeyah al-Masri she's called, calling the Cairo of the 18th century her home. This specific picture is her on an expedition ship down south along the coast of west africa on behalf of one of the merchants of the town, tasked with mapping out the areas further inland to help and develop possible merchant routes. Another crew member is an as of yet unnamed African Wild Dog (and i'll totally blame :iconUtunu: for giving me big-ear fever or something) working as a botanical illustrator on the expedition.

While usually more fascinated with the exotic plant life of new locations (and more well versed with watercolours) Rajeeyah was able to convince him to get a portrait done of her. Not that it took too much convincing given that the journey would take a couple of days, lot's of time to fill!

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    Awesome work!

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      Thank you :)

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    I love how your brush strokes very bold and undefined - but then when you take a step back they paint a very detailed picture. Where most would need many strokes to make a fold in clothing appear you do it in one movement.

    That sounds weird but I hope you know what I'm getting at :)

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      Thanks, and yes i get what you mean, the past couple of months i tried to get better at my brush economy. It's really difficult for me to just let go a bit and let stuff happen without me going "Oh god it's this little thing has to be absolutely pixel perfect!" and without loosing the amount of detail that i want. Lots to learn still!

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        Practice makes perfect! Keep it up :)