Free 2015 sketch collection! by Nomax

Free 2015 sketch collection!


7 February 2016 at 12:26:19 MST

Hey folks!

Got a free download pack over on Gumroad :
Of course if you feel generous then you can also pay for it, but the base price is free!

The pack contains a total of 55 early sketches for commissions i've done in 2015. It always saddens me a bit that when i present 2 or 3 thumbnails that i really enjoy, i know that there always will be one or more potentially great paintings that likely never will be realized.
So this is my way to do these never realized pictures at least some justice! Of course it also contains the thumbnails that did get picked and on which the final picture was based. However i had to leave out any adult pictures because of the policies on gumroad, and for some others i simply couldn't find them anymore...

So yeah, maybe some of you can get a kick out these and make fun of just how absolutely hilarious some of these look in their scribbliness!... I'm not very good at drawing things correctly on the first try....

And once again the pack can be found over here and can be downloaded for free!->

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    wow you are awesome !

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      hah thanks :)