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FP Halloween 2014 - Part 10 by NoelTheChristmasCat

FP Halloween 2014 - Part 10


And that was that. Man that was a project I tell you. I needed to rest for about a week solid after this I think. Still, good way to end it. If anyone's wondering the reaction in real life was far better then it was here given I didn't tell either James or Amanda about about it for a long time. They saw most of it in the last week of touch-up and I think they were both pleasently surprised. James is picky about his character though, even in something as absurdly ridiculous as this comic, so I did get delayed for a while to touch everything up. Amazed I got it out when I did but I crushed that deadline! Suck it, every schoolteacher who ever said I couldn't hit one! Most of you wanted to stop me doing stuff like this anyway! Well look at me now! I'm a cartoon cat on a rad motorbike, biach! I think I've succeeded somehow!

Also since this is using OC's and does have cameos in it, I'll just post this on every description to hopefully satisfy all parties. Of the characters appearing in this comic, The Freedom Planet Characters are (C) Freedom Planet 2014, Steven DiDuro of Galaxy Trail Games and Ziyoling
Noel and Kelly Houston (C) myself. Shoryu and Ailyn (C) James Koutsoukis and Amanda Chirstinsen, latter found here. , former most likely found through her. Do not use our OC's without permission or credit.

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