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OLD ACCOUNT, HAVE MOVED TO naughtycatnickNaughtyCatNick

Hello all. If I were a betting man, there's a likely chance you found this account over the last year of so through my other one. The idea in my head was to alternate between these two accounts, but it's gotten to a point where I have to just bite the bullet and admit it: this is a dead account. :( I'm clearly not the kind of person who can run two back to back, but on top of that, most of the work on here is in an abandoned state and I simply haven't had anything relevant to upload for about two years now. And that isn't changing. So I'm calling it.
No work's going to be removed, I'll leave it all uploaded, but I'm slowly going to be unwatching everyone here and rewatching them on my new account to keep up better. And then this place is probably going silent. I would definitely suggest you do the same if you'd still like to keep up with me and my new body of work, and haven't switched already.
Thank you to everyone who did watch me here through the years, you have no idea how much I appreciated it. I hope I can continue being your friends if we were. Maybe at some point in the future I will reconsider and come back, but for the time being, I don't see the point in continuing the stagnation.
So this is Noel the Christmas Cat, thanking you and signing off. :3



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The Alternate Account's Ready

Alright, for better or worse it’s time to give dignity a little kick in the jaw. It’s been so long since I said I would, and it feels like I’ve been putting it off hundreds of times, but my alternate account is finally a go.



Here on Weasyl (is empty for now. It’s a maybe):

Now, a few things. First, and I’ve spoken about it before and I’ll give a warning again: this is a NSFW account I started up, not a serious business account! For that, stay right here. But there are some people who I’m certain have been watching me that are probably much better off watching the alt account instead. There will be a lot of suiting/masking fetish related stuff posted there, and you only need one glimpse at “more like this” on DA, for ANY of my pictures, to know I’ve been classed as that kind of artist on there!

So yeah, those people who watched me for that should definitely consider switching. But it won’t be all that’s there. I’m pretty tame but there will also be a lot of very weird stuff there that’s not going to be everyone’s cup of tea. I guess give it a look and if it’s not for you, simply ignore it. Believe me, I get it.

Second: There were several people who both wanted to know when this account was open, and to commission me. I said I’d put a list of this together, but I’m afraid I’ve lost absolutely any means of doing that. Problem on my comps end caused me to lose the incomplete list I made, and since most of these people were people I asked in their shouts section, I have no way of remembering who they were. Many many apologies for that. Hopefully you’ll gravitate to the new account either way, and if any of these people do still want to commission me, simply note me there.

Third: I have to direct you to the Furaffinity account as my primary one. And it’s a very sad day when I have to direct anybody to Furaffinity, let alone as my go-to site again… Great community... Horrible site. I won’t be breaking any rules on deviantart (trust me, I’ll be keeping very close to the AUP) but with or without intervention from “The Fetish police”, there’s no doubt in my head I can post more on FA then there. There’s already one exclusive pic for now, so if it’s within your power, I’d say come and watch me over there too.

I think that covers everything. Check me out if interested, business as usual if not. Hope you all have a good day!

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    Thank you kindly for the fav. ^.^

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    Awww many thanks for the all fav!!!<3

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    Likewise! And keep up the awesome work~

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    Hello again, hope you are doing well.

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    You are welcome!

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    Hi Scarf-kitty! What have you been up to? I saw all the faves you gave my artstuffs! Thank you so much!!=^x^=~<3<3<3

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      Hey there again! "3 Yeah, I'll favorite anything if it interests me and some of your new stuff has been fun to look through. I think I'm finally ready to start getting back into the swing of things myself. I've been keeping people waiting too long for some new stuff, haven't I? Oh, and I'm still on skype time to time if you want to try and catch me.