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This looks like a job for... by NoelTheChristmasCat

This looks like a job for...


It doesn't quite have the same ring to it, does it? Regardless... Call me a fan :3

I shouldn’t have hoarded this for so long, but I had way too many more important things to do before coloring this one. I did this up about a month or so ago, shortly after finishing the series. Ever since vegeta tried it, I’ve been yearning to hunt it down, and that was an opportunity too good to pass up. There are quite a lot of wtf moments, but these games are so much fun to play through, even today. So yeah, having been won over and converted to the humongous entertainment nostalgia, I suppose, here’s just a nifty bit of fanart I did to show my appreciation for a really timeless game series.

For such a simple cartoon style, it was very hard to replicate, if I remember. Also I guess with the inverted palette, I’m a bit like a nega-Sam here. I’m not bad, I’m just drawn that way! And really, red and white Pj’s… Look who you’re talking to, and ask yourself how that wasn’t going to happen.

Oh, and as a real treat, you’ve gotta check these out if you’ve got the time: the Pajama-Sam trading cards! I regret not streaming these, because I could not stop laughing each and every time I picked up one of these cards in game! It’s magic I can’t and won’t try to replicate. Couldn’t resist saving them all though, cause it’s easy to see why the kid idolises this show within the show! (or game within the game, I guess) The amount of effort put into these is phenomenal, and whoever did them up gets my seal of approval!

Pajama Sam © Humongous Entertainment. If you’re in anyway a fan of animation, point and click games, or good humour, BUY THESE GAMES! And for that matter, anything else by this company! That’s an order, troopers!

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    I remember Pajama-Sam; that was always a fun game to play back in the day. Good times. Good times... | )