A typical night at the comp for me by NoelTheChristmasCat

A typical night at the comp for me


29 June 2015 at 02:52:19 MDT

Speaking of streams, I've got a few of these. I made these to be like little alerts on my stream, this one being the "Break, brb" screensaver. But man did I have fun and get carried away doing this one.
Yes, I do know all four of the dogs you see there. I own three of them and mind the other while the owners at work, so I got my paws full! That would be Nubi, Phoebe, Sandy and Roxy, left to right. All incredibly good and lovable dogs, but man... they do not know the meaning of the words "Go to your bed!" when foods on the table. So most of the time I just give up, sit back, relax, do as I will, and let em wear themselves out with their pleading. If I ever come on webcam, chances are it'll look like this.

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    Works as a tablet. Doubles as a place mat.

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      Actually I dont have a tablet! I draw with the mouse. Though now I think about it, I'm glad. If I had a tablet, they'd probably have eaten it by now.