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Well I really don't ever know what to write about myself in these. I am an avid cosplayer that has recently thrown myself into the furry fandom. I guess the art is what drew me in but to be honest I have always had a close connection with animals and have been a part of Defenders of Wildlife since 2002. Just for general knowledge I am bi and am currently dating someone x3 If you wanna know more feel free to pm me or skype me, I am on all the time. I have a cosplay facebook that you can add me on if you want as well just ask.

Character info:
Hey, the name is Nick. Nice to meetcha. (Bet you were expecting a G’day Mate!) A lot of my physical info is in my ref sheet but not much about my background.

Well as you can probably tell I am originally from Australia but my family moved a lot growing up. Sometimes the accent and slang slip in but I’ve tried not to become that stereotypical roo. I have gone to college and am just looking for that dream job to come along to finally get my life started. I am normally in a pair of shorts and wear a nice t-shirt or hoodie. My paw size does make it difficult for shoes so I normally go around without any. I am bi and that proved to be interesting in the dating field especially for someone of my proportions. I prefer to top and I always do try to please my significant other in making sure that their desires are fulfilled. I’ll add more about me later on but if you have any questions feel free to



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Art Giveaway!

I would like to start up commissions but before I get to that point my art has to get noticed. I will be willing to draw some free art to do that! So here is the deal, post a ref (or if you don't have one a DETAILED description), make a journal entry on here about the giveaway and my page (and if you do it on fa or deviantart you get an extra entry I'll include my links for these), and press the follow button on my page. Once you do that let me know something about your character and tell me what their personality is like. At that point I will give you a number (or more than one if you follow the extra guidelines) and on SUNDAY I will do a random generator to pick out a few names. This depends on the number of participants:

1-5 participants: 1 or 2 winners
5-10 participants: 3 or 4 winners
10 - 15 participants: 5 winners
IF THERE ARE MORE (that would be awesome) THERE WILL BE MORE WINNERS :)!

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