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Joining the Ranks!

So, now that I'm done pissing everyone off by the massive submission dump I just did (|D), I'm hoping to stick around for awhile and see what Weasyl has to offer. I can still be found on FurAffinity as well, if you're a frequent user there too.

Anyways, hi peeps!
I don't write journals as often as I used to, but hopefully that'll change with the fresh start. Hope everyone has a good day!

Ciao for now,

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Character Commissions

[Flat Colour]
C$ 50.00
[Full Colour]
C$ 75.00
[Lineless Full Colour]
C$ 85.00
C$ 30.00

Simple Commissions

C$ 15.00
C$ 25.00
add  [Chibi] Additional Background
C$ 5.00
add  [Chibi] Additional Character
C$ 10.00


Avatar includes a simple colored avatar of any character (price TBD on advanced coloring, shading, or finer details). All avatars come in a pack of six different resolution sizes to accommodate all sites. The sizes include, in pixels, 1000x1000, 500x500, 250x250, 100x100, 50x50, and 25x25.

Chibi includes a simple colored, chibi drawing of a single character (choice of transparent background or none. Price TBD on advanced coloring, shading, or finer details).

Sketch includes touched up line art of character.

Colored includes character with line art, simple color, and blank, transparent or simple background (single color or transitioned).

Full Color includes character with line art, color (with shading), and background with color (price to be discussed for more detailed background).

Lineless Color includes character in full color (with shading), smooth and well-shaped edges, background with color (price to be discussed for more detailed background).

Background includes a background of your choice in full color and added effects (optional). May also include character in the distance (optional).

Background Commissions
Ranged from $115 to TBD (Depending on level of detail, effects, etc...)

Added text $5
[Sketch] Additional Character $10 to $20
[Flat Colour] Additional Character $25 to $40
[Full Colour] Additional Character $30 to TBD
[Lineless Colour] Additional Character TBD

Commission Type:
Commission Notes:

  • For character, make sure to either post a link to a reference picture (if there's none in your gallery) or include a detailed description of the wanted character. Commission notes include any extra information you would like to give such as a specific pose, expression, etc. Most pictures are made at 2000x3000 pixels. Keep in mind that, once the image is completed, only minor changes can be made. Expressions, color, and small details can be edited no problem but larger edits would mean redrawing the entire image.
  • Once paid, the commissioner is granted ownership to the commissioned drawing. They may modify, resize, or change any aspects of the drawing they desire so long as proper credit is given and that they do not claim to have made the commissioned drawing themselves.
  • Prices are subjected to change at anytime. Payment can be sent when the picture is completed. For more complicated/advanced pictures, half or part of the payment may be asked in advanced. For more details or questions feel free to contact me. Thank you!



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    You've got sensationally beautiful artwork. Straight-up! I adore your style. :D

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      Wow! Thank you very much, that's very flattering!

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        You deserve every syllable of my praise, fellow artist. Keep inspiring us with your talents! <3

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    U R da shit man

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      Haha, thank you X3!

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    Thanks for sending me the link ^^