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Hello there, everyone! My name is Carrie, and I am a freelance commissionary anthropomorphic and fantasy artist. I am almost always taking commissions, be they drawn or written. ^_^ You can usually find out my my current journals what specials, deals, or other sales I have going on at any given time. :)
If you just so happen to be looking for Commissions, my Prices are here:]My Website . If you want to purchase a commission, please leave a comment in the journal regarding them, or simply send me a message.

My scalesona's name is Breogh [, who is a polymorphic rainbow dragoness. If you want to know what she looks like, click her name for a profile image of her.
My Fursona is Sunrise , and is a rainbow king cheetahess.

My Adopts (That I have adopted) are here:]VervainDragon/

If you would like to contact me for non-commission related things, you can always send me a [url=]Message here[/url], or you can find me (and my art) in the following places:
Gmail & Gtalk:
My Website: [url=]Here[/url].
Twitter: [url=]Flying4Fire[/url]
Livestream: [url=]FlyingFire[/url].
Youtube: [url=]SilvrWingsDragon[/url]

If you want to see my current convention schedule, just know Anthrocon, Furry Migration and MFF are on my list this year. ^_^
Maybe: Fur Reality in Cincinnati OH, October 9-11

Latest Journal

"Moving , YCH and ANTHROCON! Woot!"

on 25 June 2015 at 19:49:27 MDT

Just to get it out there for an update, I'm still running my YCH! It will run until Friday, USA Central time, Midnight, and I'm really eager to see what happens! ^_^ This is exciting on a new level for me, as I'm moving out of my current residence and into a newer one that will be my own apartment with two friends. It's a house that basically has a downstairs apartment that will be 100% all mine. :D If you guys can possibly help by pimping my YCH,.. I'd super appreciate it. ♥
The link is here: .

On another update, yes, I AM GOING TO ANTHROCON! Squee! I have all three days in the Artists Alley, so if I owe you anything and you'll be there, tell me asap and I'll do my damndest to have it there for you! All you have to do is comment below or you can always send me an FA Note with your stuff in it.

Moving. I'm so happy to be moving soon! You guys have no idea... it's been hell for me here and I've been under a lot of pressure in ways no one should ever have to be. This new place in going to be amazing and I'm really excited to be moving there. I'll be living with two friends and I'll even be able to go and come as I please. No one can just wander in or put their crap in my area or trap cats in my room... Ugh going to have so much more time, quiet and space to actually get art done, do YouTube letsplays again and my voice work and art streams.

So.. that's kind of all for this fluff. I might update more later on, but for now I'm going to stare at my YCH hopefully.

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