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The reviews are in by nh63879

The reviews are in


27 July 2018 at 10:09:44 MDT

So as you can see my book is now up for sale and has been reviewed. I would like to thank Jack the Deer especially for taking the time to look at my book and give such a wonderful review of my book. As well as my good macro friend roughgi for also taking the time and giving me a good review of this book. As well as them I would also like to thank my wonderful friends Kenta_Nakamura and Jarvis_Greatwolf for being apart of the book. Both of them have been so wonderful and supportive throughout the writing and I do hope to be working with them on future writing. I would also like to thank my fellow macro and good friend StriderShire for also taking the time to look at my book and all the help in getting it just right with how it reads and flows. Finally I would like to give a big thank you to all of you! You're all wonderful people and you've helped me find my true calling in the furry world. By buying my book and leaving feedback, you're helping me fulfill a purpose in my life. I am sure that this time next year there will be another bigger story. Until then I will just say thank you

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