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A really big and really bad wolf by nh63879

A really big and really bad wolf


This is someone I saw who was up for adoption by Jalmu and I just had to have him.

So here is someone new and someone very big who might look good and innocent but, as looks can be deceiving, has a bit of a bad streak to him. So who is this big wolf I hear you ask. This is Shadow who is a modest built black wolf with grey fur mixed in to him. Shadow is a rather young wolf around 20 years old compared to my other macros who like my others has the ability to alter in his size from a normal 5 - 6ft tall to around 500 - 600ft tall through the power of his mind and body. As a macro he loves nothing more than rampaging and showing off his might and size to those around him. When he's not out crushing tiny things or smashing buildings he's admiring his majestic body in nothing more than his own white brief underwear and sometime, just like Danny the giant husky, teasing micros and stuffing them and anything small into them.

As well as these things he does tend to have a rather naughty side to him that he's not afraid to show others. If he's a giant then he will sometimes carry out solo acts of a sexual nature using anything or anyone small for his pleasure! And if he's a micro then he does take more enjoyment teasing fellow macros and being used for sexual purposes, including being stuffed into underwear and bathed by a macro tongue!

So what's the real story behind this guy?

Shadow started off in life as a normal wolf who unlike his others was a bit of an outcast who never fitted in and preferred being a lone wolf in many respects. When he wasn't out he would usually be at home either conducting science experiments or sexual experiments with himself, as anyone his age would do. Yet it was on a dark stormy night that a science project he was conducting would eventually change his life forever. Whilst he was working on his science project a bolt of lightning hit his house and sent an electrical pulse from the socket where he was near and into his body. The shock caused him to fall back and smash the beakers filled with chemicals which spelt onto him and over his body, where he fell down and out. The following morning he awoke went about as normal, feeling a slight spark running through him, where he got up and got dressed and was about to head out. As he did something started to happen to him. His clothes began to feel tighter on him and his fur started to get thicker and bigger. He looked down to see his shoes breaking and his clothes start to rip as he slowly began to grow big! He then remembered getting an electric shock the night before and spilling his chemistry lab onto himself and that had some growth effect on him! Staring at himself briefly he began smile and show a devious expression on his face.

Calmly he walked down the street in the middle of the road. As he walked down the road he began to think big and started to grow big with ever step he took until he eventually ripped his clothes and was left in just his white brief underwear and was now over 200ft tall! When he looked to see how small everything was around he stopped walking and began stomping his way through the town and out into the open growing bigger as he did. It's not known where he went after that day or what he would do.

A few weeks went past and he returned to normal size. He managed to find a small secluded house that had been left abandoned for many years that he took comfort in. One night whilst he was blissfully sleeping he was awoken by a slight thudding noise and shake. He ignored it and went back to sleep but was awoken a few seconds later by another bigger and louder boom and shake. Not knowing what it was he went outside and looked to see what it was but couldn't see anything. As he turned to go back he glanced to see a large dark shadow coming towards him. Since he was small and what this was happened to be big he naturally ran back inside and hid as the booming and shaking got louder and heavier. Eventually the booming and shaking came to a stop and Shadow emerged to see if it was safe. He peered out of the window to see a giant white furry foot in front of him. Before he could react the roof of the building was torn off and crushed in the hands of the giant standing there. Shadow looked up to see the giant standing there in nothing more than red brief underwear. This giant was Danny who was strolling around looking for food and pleasure. Danny could smell something and looked down to see this tiny little wolf standing there looking up at him nervously. Danny picked up Shadow and introduced himself before putting him into his underwear. When Shadow was inside he began to grow slightly and rub his hands over Danny's belly whilst tickling him with his tail. Danny took Shadow out and could see that he was a small macro in undies like him. Shadow told Danny who he was and that he could change in size and that he was alone and rather scared. Danny took hold of Shadow and gave him a reassuring hug and took him with him.

So that's my new macro and there's going to more of him around so be sure to keep an eye out for him.

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