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Merreck Calcott by Nashoba Hostina

Merreck Calcott

Nashoba Hostina

21 July 2014 at 20:54:14 MDT

This piece was commissioned by freelancer521 and depicts his super-cool character, Merreck, a paladin who also happens to be a werewolf! Also, that super-cool armor? Freelancer’s design, which you can see here: (The tunic color was made darker for this at his request).

Also, while I did a vampire bust once, this is my first ever commission that involved an actual human, in shape at least. Hooray for new things! Woo!

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    Awwww...what a cute werewolf there. runs away lol

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    Really cool! I especially like the werewolf's hands. :)
    The human form is also really impressive, especially when you haven't practiced humans so much before. I'm no expert with them either. Just one little thing for next time: Maybe you should examine facial expression a little bit more. Human faces can do funny things if the emotions behind them are pretty strong. Also you can intensify the mimics if the original emotion is a more decent one.
    Anyway, great work!

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      Thanks! Though, I never said I didn't have much practice with humans (I had to draw humans all the time while getting my BFA). As for the facial expression, I'm afraid that it was never intended to be depicting an extreme emotion, just a confident half-smile. Thank you for the input!