Lycanthrope Skeleton by Nashoba Hostina

Lycanthrope Skeleton

Nashoba Hostina

24 January 2014 at 21:09:59 MST

God knows I love anatomy. I love studying analogous structures, muscles, bones and how they work. Now, to be honest, I can always use a little more work on my anatomy, but that’s why I do studies like this. And while I’d done some skull studies and such, I’d been meaning to start doing serious skeletals for my “grahll” lycanthropes for a long time. So, here’s this. I think in the next one I do will have a longer spine… it looked fine as a silhouette, but as a skeletal, looks off.


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    wasn't this In a YouTube video in a Steampunk werewolf kit?

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      It sure was! I'll be uploading photos of my kit sometime in the next week or so.