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Good News! Yay!

on 29 July 2015 at 18:37:16 MDT

Good News! Yay!

Anyways, I called my family that is taking care of my great grandmother and they said that she is doing better. They are still giving her fluids intravenously, but she is starting to eat again. They are attributing the change due to the stroke that she had a few months back, but all in all she is doing a little better. Granted, that could change, but I am trying to keep a positive outlook on this situation, and she will still be alive when we take our planned trip in October to go see her so she can meet her great great grand baby before she passes. So WOOHOO!

And now that she is doing better, I will be getting back to doing the raffle prizes in between commissions and what not, so yay! I will start with finishing the icons, then I will be moving on to sketches. I am basically going from quickest, to what will take me the longest. But you can look forward to seeing the raffle prizes show in in your feed!

Have a wonderful week!

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