bup BUP by Nambroth

bup BUP


9 June 2013 at 08:44:03 MDT

I painted this as a gift for my husband's birthday.

We fish at this pond, and one day while fishing he told me he imagined his favorite pet chicken, Coho the Salmon Faverolles, gigantic and stepping over the hills looking for him. She says "bup bup... bup BUP?" a lot. The image made us laugh and became a reoccurring joke. So, I painted the scene for him, complete with her spacey vacant expression.

She is a very cuddly chicken and likes to bury her head in our armpits. I suspect she is just looking for a gigantic armpit to snuggle into. If you want to read more about Coho, you can visit this little page: http://www.backyardchickens.com/a/nambroths-flock

The white pole is an osprey nest platform (this is an actual location we go to).

Corel painter, acrylic brush (which I am falling more in love with every day).

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    LOL very funny!

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    Awww look at ms coho. I thought it was derp for a second in the thumbnail but then noticed the lack of derp face

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      Derp is also solid mahogany in color. :)

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        Yes but I couldn't see the overall colour on my phone too well and i pretty much insta clicked because well, chickens

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          Oh haha I see! I always forget people use their phones for internetting.

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    Ohhhh Noo.. There goes Tokyo, Go Go Coho-Zilla!

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    Heehee hee Every time I see this picture it makes me feel happy. Esp. because of the title. Makes me hear the little one just making its sweet little noises. Ah. I miss having a chicken.

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      Or, well, I guess not a "little" one in this case. haha

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      Aw, thank you. She had the sweetest voice!