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Howdy folks! I'm known as NachT, from VCL as well as FurAffinity. A few things about me and my lil corner of the net here:

1) FurAffinity is my main base of operations. If you want/need to get in contact with me, do it THERE: Notes, Comments, and Shouts are welcome. I have a job irl doing 12 hour shifts, and a toddler to take care of when I'm not there, so you might have to wait your turn. Things CAN take time. I dont claim to be a great artist or anything, so even a slightly simple picture can take me awhile to do (especially with a que list like I currently have u_u )

2) I am a freelance artist, first and foremost. I will draw, pretty much, ANYTHING for the right price (except seriously illegal things like minor/pedo/cub stuff, or diaper stuff, cause those right there is just waaayyyy to far to me. Other then that, I not only can, not only have, but have OFTEN drawn everything else over the last 13 or so years I've been doing this. Which leads me to #3..

3) No drama, no hate. Like with my house, there will be NO drama or bullsh*t attitudes here. If you say something that's offensive, and the person calls you on it, explain it. If they have a reason to be offended, then DO NOT DO IT AGAIN. If it's an unreasonable reason to be offended, then tell me. I dont want people getting whiney over nothing. I'm an 80's man, so as a child of the pre-Politically Correct era, I dont think everyone has the right to get all butt-hurt over the smallest thing. If it's serious, then call them on it. If it's not that serious, then grow up! If your in my corner of the net, you SHOULD be the proper age to be considered at least 'mature', if not 'responsible' or 'reasonable'. Be nice, or be on your way out the door. One warning, then one digital size 12.5W boot against your rear end and your blocked/banned from my account.

4) Again, the things I will NOT draw is a very short list if the price is right. I draw furry/anthro porn, be-it gay/lesbian/straight/trans/herm/orgy/tentacle/rape/passionate.. I've drawn probably every fetish under the sun too. If your squeemish about certain things, then you SHOULD already have a filter for it active. If you didn't, then dont freak out. Just close the tab or hit the back button. Simple solution for a simple problem. Please, dont be simple yourself and make a stink of something simple too ;3


TL;RD: RULES: 1) I take a wide array of commissions, when I have time. Ask if interested. 2) Do NOT be a douche. I will ban/block people being jerks. 3) I'm a busy person irl, expect delays. 4) Expect to see anything here. Dont like it? Click that [X] in the upper right corner and go to something else.


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Whoa! That's how you make a journal..

on 17 April 2014 at 04:33:56 MDT

It seems all easy, but I'm relatively new here. Things are.. busy still, to say the least. I work 12 hour shifts at night 3 days a week, and work 9-12 hour shifts during the day 4 days a week (yeah, there's 1 day where they overlap, that day ssuuuuccckkks). Just got over a bunch of illnesses that hit the whole family, but we all pulled through. Avoided some nasty work-related accidents that would have left me in intensive care, if not dead on the scene, which is a good thing. When that voice in the back of your head says to do something, do it. Saved my life more times then I can count, seriously.

Still drawing, through rarely due to time restrictions. It also sucks, but gotta be the responsible dad before the fun artist. Anywho, just updating people that things are okay, just really busy. I'm uploading some of my more favorite work I've done to this site, though my main gallery is at , where EVERYTHING is stored.

Hope your all doing well :) Later!


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