Asag Design - WIP by MysteryBBQ

Asag Design - WIP


15 December 2013 at 18:22:41 MST

A work in progress design for a semi-new character of mine named Asag.

This actually started as a warm-up sketch for something else entirely but I liked the look and so used it to revise the character instead. I desperately need to add some colour to him, but he's supposed to be mostly black with a few patches that sometimes shift hue. Asag is also my physically largest character, made for when I feel doing images or stories with some size-difference in them. He stands somewhere between seven and a half to eight feet tall, depending on where you measure to or how straight he's standing, though he's usually hunched over a little.

Temporary Backstory:

Asag is a demon born of violence. During an slaughter at a monastery located high in the mountains the suffering and death congealed within the magic planes and pulled him into existence. He was created because of violence and death and those things are his element. As a demon of battle his strongest influence is over the souls of warriors of those killed in battle. In a fight he's quite literally a force of nature, though a simple and direct one. Asag has very little subtlety to him. he faces everything head on and in the most direct way he can, disdaining those who resort to trickery or who make others do their fighting for them.

Despite his nature as an inherently violent create he's a surprisingly good natured one. It's takes a real effort to sour the demon's mood. He's often boisterous and loud, quick to laugh or to anger but equally quick to forget and let go of whatever angered him in the first place. He's the sort to face any challenge head on and with a wicked grin on his face, even if would almost certainly spell his doom.

As a demon Asag was once immortal, though he no longer is. He was once the slave of a sorcerer who magically bound him into servitude. To break free and claim his revenge he made a deal with death (he's a demon, he can do stuff like that), sacrificing his immortality to break his bond to the wizard. He now has only a few hundred years before before old age begins to take it's toll on him or to find a way to regain his immortality.

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