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D'ragian Reference (clothed)


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The D'ragian are a reptilian species who live on a very dangerous jungle planet. They are an all female species and they are technologically primitive compared to modern humans. AS a species they are highly intelligent and posses an inherent magical ability, with every individual limited to one specific type of magic (eg, fire, water, healing). They also have a strange sort of telepathy which can only be initiated via physical contact and can be extremely dangerous if used by who isn't skilled in it, leaving it to be used only by village elders.

Physical Traits:

They stand about as tall the average human, have only three fingers and three toes on each limb. The D'ragian have extremely long lives, and are considered to be children until they are roughly 100 years old. It's easy to guess a D'ragian's age by the curve of their horns, as they start straight when they are young but gradually curl with age. Alo of note is the D'ragian venomous bite that can kill within minutes; lucky they can retract their teeth to prevent accidental bites.

Their scales change colour depending on their mood, green being their natural colour which they revert to when calm or not feeling any strong emotions. Added to this, their tails are bioluminescent, though they only glow during states of extreme arousal


Being an all female species requires an unusual form of reproduction in the D'ragain. During Climax a D'ragain will produce a sort of pearl which they can then spit out. This pearl is laced with powerful chemical designed to stimulate arousal and induce a state a fertility. If swallowed orally the pearl will act as a powerful aphrodisiac, and if the creator of a pearl does not bring it up that is exactly what will happen to them, though the effect can be stretched out to last several days.

Typically the pearl is inserted vaginally into the desired mother to be. The recipients scales will take on the same hue as the pearl for the next several days and they will be in a highly fertile state. While in this state it is the only time a D'ragain may become pregnant. While they normally use the genetic material from their partner, received vial sexual fluids during sex, it is technically possible for them to be impregnated by with genes of other species

Though they are reptiles the D'ragian give live birth rather than laying eggs.


The D'ragian are technologically in the equivalent of the late bronze or early iron age. They live in small villages often built of stone or wood with thatched roofs. Most villages are lead by an elder or a small group of elders who are considered the wisest and most magically skilled among them. The D'ragain are far from the top of the food chain on their planet, and so they take special pride in the skill of their warriors, as they are the only reason they can live in a civilized fashion without fear of predation.

D'ragian typically mate for life, and they live with very similar family structures to humans, young ones living with and cared for by their parents until they're grown and ready to take care of themselves. The transition into adulthood is marked by a large ceremony witnessed by the entire village and celebrated with dancing and a large feast. Typically they are expected to choose or be assigned a profession either at or within a few days of the ceremony.

The largest holiday in the D'ragain calendar is a yearly event where tribes from the surrounding area will gather together and their warriors will complete (sort of like their version of the olympics). The festival lasts for several days, and it is there that young D'ragian may choose to move to a new tribe if they wish, usually in hopes of finding a mate within the new tribe.

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