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There's No Way, Chapter 48 by MviluUatusun

There's No Way, Chapter 48


I was going through my uploads here recently and I discovered that I had forgotten to upload Chapter 48 of "There's No Way". So, I decided I had best upload it. However, I also didn't upload Chapter 49 so, I'll upload it either Wednesday or next Sunday. I'm sorry that I forgot.

It's Sunday morning and Michael is awakened by one of the nurses who reminds him that Mrs. Fuchs will soon arrive and he needs to get ready to leave. After putting the books away in a chifforobe, Michael kisses Amanda goodbye and heads home. After arriving at home, he eats breakfast, feeds and plays with the kittens, and takes a short nap. After waking up from his nap, he calls the Pantheras and asks to join them for dinner. Before he goes to the Panthera home, he visits Amanda's landlord and makes arrangements to pay her rent until she can pay it herself. Then, he heads to the Panthera home where he's surprised to see Raul, Consuelo, and Felipe visiting. After eating dinner, Michael goes to the hospital to spend another night taking care of Amanda's needs including the stimulation of her brain while he reads to her.