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There's No Way, Chapter 47 by MviluUatusun

There's No Way, Chapter 47


Because of the mix-up earlier this month, I decided to upload the chapter that I had posted incorrectly. Once again, I'm sorry about making that mistake but, here's the chapter in the correct order it's supposed to be. I hope you enjoy it.

Michael arrives at Piedmont Regional Hospital. At first, he's denied access to Amanda's room due to it being after visiting hours but, after explaining who he is, he's granted access and is shown where to find her room. We also learn that relationships between Humanimals and humans are more taboo than we have been led to believe. When he arrives on Amanda's floor, he meets with Dr. Macaca who wants to perform an experiment to see if a theory about whether comatose people can hear or not. As Michael talks to Amanda, Dr. Macaca, who was watching the monitors, was surprised to see that her heart rate and breathing increased as he spoke to her. After Dr. Macaca left, Michael looks through the selection of Amanda's books he's brought to read to her. He makes a couple of off-hand, slightly humorous comments about her choice of reading material. After reading a few chapters, Michael puts the book away, kisses Amanda, and falls asleep. While he's asleep, he hears a voice telling him that everything will turn out fine if he'll just trust his instincts. After hearing the voice, he hears another voice, turns, and sees Jacob standing there. After talking to Michael for several minutes, Jacob decides he should go home leaving Michael to spend the night with Amanda.