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There's No Way, Chapter 46 by MviluUatusun (critique requested)

There's No Way, Chapter 46 (critique requested)


For anyone who read the previous Chapter 46 upload, I'm terribly sorry that I had to delete that chapter. As I said in my journal, I had inadvertently uploaded the wrong chapter. The chapter you're about to read is the correct one. If you read the previous one, you'll understand why it was the wrong one as you read this chapter. Enjoy.

Michael speaks with Dr. Macaca and learns that Amanda is out of surgery. He also learns that all of her internal injuries have been repaired. After speaking with Michael, Dr. Macaca informs the Fuchses that Amanda has survived her surgery and will be in a coma for at least two months. Ophelia insists that she's going to stay with Amanda that night but, she's told that due to the fact that she isn't on Amanda's Emergency Contact list she isn't allowed to stay much to Ophelia's chagrin. She insists that Michael be banned from visiting Amanda but is informed that he can't be banned because he IS on her list. Michael spends the rest of the afternoon with the Pantheras and takes a nap because he didn't get a lot of sleep the previous night. Anne asks to join him and is allowed by her parents because they trust Michael to not do anything untoward with her. After awakening from his nap, Michael eats dinner with his family and then goes home to prepare for a night in the hospital.